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Canoe Cove Community Association

Canoe Cove is our community

CCCA Meeting Minutes 

Canoe Cove
Community Association

All residents of Canoe Cove are members of the CCCA. 

During these Covid-19 times, meetings are being held on an ad hoc basis and will be posted to the marquee outside the school house.

Who We Are

We are a group of community members responsible for the Canoe Cove Schoolhouse.

The old one room schoolhouse in Canoe Cove has tended to be the primary focus of the Association.  It was reason the Association was formed.  Although the Association may have more loftier goals for enhancing the life of the community, the school has and will continue to be the prime interest for us.   Initially, the schoolhouse needed immediate attention-- a leaky roof and shifting foundation would have led to rapid deterioration resulting in prohibitive repairs.   Then, there was a keen interest to make the school more useable, hence the need for kitchen and toilet facilities.  We've come a long way and it's been a busy and productive twenty some years.

Now, the school house has become one of the main hubs of our Community and it's the CCCA's primary focus to keep it that way. We rely on fund raising events to support any upkeep and projects we may have. The school house is there to serve the community as a social space and to enrich the lives of our fellow residents.

Its greatest claim to fame is the paintings by Robert Harris - The One-Room School and School at Canoe Cove

The One-room School, Canoe Cove, P.E.I., 1880

School At Canoe Cove, P.E.I.

An 1880 depiction of school life in Canoe Cove. Both originals are housed in the Confederation Centre Art Gallery.

The Association

The history of the Association goes back to the fall of 1999, late September to be exact.  That is when a community meeting was called by the Canoe Cove Women's Institute to determine what to do with the aging Canoe Cove Schoolhouse.  There were only two clear options: have the community somehow take over custody and complete urgent repairs; or sell the property.  A committee of community members was quickly struck up which eventually became a legal entity called the Canoe Cove Community Association.  It's primary short-term goal was to take ownership of the schoolhouse and halt its deterioration.  In the course of events, it took on a broader mandate of serving the community as a whole.

The affairs of the Association are managed by a Board of Directors all of whom must be residents of Canoe Cove.  The selected members keep their positions for the first three years of operations.  After this time, the members are elected annually.  All members of the community of 18 years of age and older are eligible to vote and be board members.

The Association's purposes and objectives are:
(1) To serve as a body to promote, preserve, and protect the common interests of the community of Canoe Cove.
(2) To promote and foster community spirit by providing a framework to encourage participation
(3) To enhance the quality of life for existing and future residents, in harmony with our natural and cultural environment.
(4) To hold meetings for promoting the above objectives and to allow all members of the community to have their say and to be heard, including all other powers and objects of Section 15 of the Companies Act not mentioned herein.
(5) To acquire lands and buildings comprising the Canoe Cove School property and such other lands as may be required for its operations.
(6) To hire or otherwise employ persons to assist the Corporation in the fulfillment of its other objectives and purposes.
(7) To do all such other things conducive to the foregoing objects.
(8) To generally do and carry out all legal charitable acts and purposes.
(9) To do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objects and exercise all of the powers of the company, including all other powers and objects of Section 15 of the Companies Act not mentioned herein.

The Board November 2022

Chair:  Ben Garro

Vice Chair: Mari Basiletti

Secretary: Gina Beeley
Treasurer :  Donna MacPhee

Other Directors:  Steve Beeley, Lillian MacCannell,, JoDee Samuelson, Mark MacFadyen, Patti MacFadyen, Ellon Matthews & Karina Boswell